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What People Are Saying

Hands down, best tartar sauce I have ever tasted. Great food as always.

Isabel H 04/2018

Hi Pamela,
Thanks for the email. Really enjoyed the chicken meatballs last night. Every time you do Thai curries, it's great!
With thanks,

Bob W 03/2018

Hi Pamela,
I wanted to thank you so much for a lovely evening last night. The food was absolutely delicious. The risotto was one of our favourites and the beef tenderloin was amazing. It was so nice not having to worry about clean up! Keisha was also amazing.
Thanks again,

Trina & Todd V 01/2018

We so enjoyed the two meals so far this week (black bean chilli, scallop and eggplant stir-fry) - amazing! And the pound cake... I am absolutely crazy for cake but have it so rarely- what a special treat! Thank you for that kind gift.
With thanks,Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. See you in the new year!

Paula O 12/2017

Hi Pamela,
We had the green curry for dinner today, and it was the best green curry we ever had. It was so delicious, and flavourful. Overall we've been impressed with the quality and taste of your cooking so far. You have an amazing talent.
Have a good evening,

Louis P 07/2017

First off, thank you so much for making our anniversary so special - that was one of the best dates ever, and we didn't even have to leave our house!!! Thank you for everything you did, especially on such a busy day for you.
Second - who do I have to torture for that beet borscht recipe!?! OMG.
Much love,

Deb C 08/2016

The veal shanks were divine - the olive pesto is what totally takes that dish over the top. We had them Wednesday night, as I couldn't wait for them to be our "first meal" after baby, and it was a good thing we did because Cameron decided to make his appearance a week early and was born on Thursday the 3rd!
We made the chipotle beef on Saturday as our first meal home and stuffed them in charred tortillas with black beans, bibb lettuce, red onion and avocado. De-lish! And we used the leftover shanks from our Wed meal (still have 2 in the freeze) to augment a bolognese Scott made and served that over the lasagna noodles cut to pappardelle nice and topped with the olive pesto. Who said being a new mom isn't glamorous!

Deb C 03/2016

Well my truly outdid yourself. What an awesome meal, awesome presentation and awesome service. Thank you!!!! Can't get over how much nicer it was to entertain that way...I have never enjoyed one of my own dinner party's so much (and..I had enough energy at 11 pm to go out to another party! We didn't get home till 2am ....and I had time to run this morning as clean up was miniscule).
Thanks again! Fantastic evening.

Nadia & Doug P 11/2015

We wondered if it might be a little strange having someone else cook for us in our own home, but Pamela's friendly yet professional manner immediately put us at ease. She is thoroughly prepared and unobtrusive and served us a truly elegant meal. From the warming soup to the refreshing salad to the tender risotto, all her dishes were intensely flavorful and creative without being heavy. She also left our kitchen in immaculate condition. Whether you need a regular hand with eating healthfully and well, or whether you just want to splash out and treat yourself, we highly recommend the Cheferential experience!

Samantha T & Avril C 01/2015

We threw an after-Christmas party and were very impressed with our experience with Chef Pamela. She gave us menu choices after listening to our guidelines. We chose a 5-course meal. Chef Pamela arrived at noon with all of her cooking paraphernalia, groceries and sundries, and left around 7ish. Everything was cooked in our kitchen during that time. Chef had a server to assist her and both of their presence were inconspicuous
The evening was beyond our expectation - no cooking or cleaning, essentially fine dining experience in the comfort of own home. Chef Pamela met all expectations with an open-mind - gluten-free, dairy-free, allergies and food preferences. We were fussy! The dinner was like a mouth-watering layered cake, each course complimented the previous. The presentation exceeded the description of each course - i.e. Seared scallops with whiskey-mushroom sauce, followed by Chestnut and Apple soup, etc. We highly recommend Chef Pamela and plan to have her back.

Ann & Byron G 12/2014

Hi Pamela,
First things first. From Kylah: " I don't like it. I LOVE it". That was about the beef stew and I couldn't agree more.
I'm having the chowder as we speak and that's divine too. To be honest I've never had chowder because I thought it was cream based (like an Alfredo kind of cream sauce) which I'm not a fan of at all. Yesterday, after getting home from all the pick-ups & drop-offs, I can't tell you the sense of relief it gave me to get home and not have to scramble something up for dinner. Especially with my little whipper-snapper biting at my ankles calling out "foody foody foody". I'm SUPER excited to see what's in store for us next week!
Thank you Pamela!

Lena G 01/2013

Cioppino and salad dinner tonight. OMG!!!!!!! Loved it (all three of us). Embarrassingly, Ben even drank up the salad dressing at the bottom of his bowl. Amazing dinner. Thank you thank you.
I am actually sitting in the backyard looking at magazines and getting caught up on personal emails. That has never happened before on a weeknight.
The only problem I foresee is the enticing smells and menus. I've already tasted the cauliflower, cioppino AND tikka masala. So flavourful, delicious...totally amazing.
Tomorrow I will go for a long walk with Gracie with my newfound time.
Can't wait for dinner!!! ☺ Thanks so much

Nadia P. 09/2012

Pamela, a quick note of thanks for the wonderful dinner party experience you created for us last weekend. It was a very special occasion for us, and all the guests were as impressed as we were. You worked with us to create the perfect menu, and took care of all the small extras, like ordering all the right rentals, picking a wonderful colour theme, and setting the table just so. I can’t tell you how fantastic it was to know that I had 12 guests arriving for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner party, and all I had to do was be there to let you in the house. Everything seemed to just miraculously “appear”, and I was truly able to enjoy a restaurant feel in our own home, and enjoy the company of our guests from the dining chair, and not from the typical dinner host’s station in front of the kitchen sink! Just as importantly as the food “appearing”, was the fact that everything also “disappeared”; whisked away by Ray (who was wonderful), and a clean kitchen defying the knowledge that you were ever there. We found you on the internet, but we were immediately comfortable with your responsiveness, recommendations and proposal. We are so glad we went with our instinct and had you spearhead this very special night for us; it was perfect on all fronts. Can’t wait to have you back, Pamela!
With heartfelt thanks,

Dani & Scott F. 09/2012

Chef Pamela wowed all of our guests from the moment we could smell the aromas making their way from the kitchen to our table. From the very first mouthful of her exquisite smoked salmon cakes with lemon-herb aioli to the last bite of her dark chocolate torte, we were in food heaven. I would recommend Cheferential Treatment to anyone looking to enjoy an evening of fantastic food combined with friendly and professional service from the comfort of your own home.

Jacqueline & Richard H. 06/2012

Wow Pamela, I just walked in the door from work and after my 13 hour day I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to walk in the door and see the beautiful bouquet and bottle of wine. I am just sipping on a glass of Shiraz and waiting for the fish stew to warm up.
What a beautiful presentation... I've already called two people (Mark and Sandy - my brother in law and sister) and a friend to brag ..... I can't tell you how wonderful it was to come home and find my fridge stocked with delicious looking food and a freezer full of future meals. The magnet and instructions on the fridge was another nice touch.

Debra K. 2/ 2010

Hi Pamela,
Dinner was a hit – especially the salad and the cake! We really enjoyed having you prepare our family dinner and thank you for the wonderful wine. ps. If you have a moment we’d really appreciate the recipe for the beet and carrot salad.

Tammy C. 7/2009